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An Open Letter to the Executive Producers and Writers of Arrow:

“She was my sister. I couldn’t be angry because she was dead. I couldn’t grieve because I was so angry.” - Dinah Laurel Lance, 1x01

There is no better way to describe how countless viewers felt as they finished watching Arrow’s season three premiere, “The Calm.” That’s what happens when the writers of your favorite show quietly murder their canonically bisexual female hero.

We find it hard to believe that when you all sat down to decide the direction this season would go, that you imagined how the fans would take you murdering Sara Lance. If you had paused to consider it, we doubt we would be writing this letter.

Thank you to themuslimbarbie s4karuna absentlyabbie and freaoscanlin. You are all incredible and I am blessed to know you.

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if we don’t take chances with our  H E A R T S 
                                     then what are we even doing here ?

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@EmilyBett  If all the Game of Thrones characters were named after fancy types of cheese I wouldn’t be surprised. (Exclude Jon Snow)

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She [Caity] was unrealistically sort of like upset that I couldn’t figure it out and I was like, “I’m not actually Felicity, I’m really bad at computers.” It was really funny because she thought I could figure it out and she helped me like, set up my phone.

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first date jitters (▰˘◡˘▰)

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“Arrow” has cast British actor Vinnie Jones as comicbook villain Danny “Brick” Brickwell in season three, Variety has learned exclusively.

In DC Comics canon, “Brick” is a Green Arrow villain with thick, invulnerable skin. In “Arrow,” Danny Brickwell is a ruthless gang leader who brings Star City’s government to its knees. He’s known as “Brick” on the streets because he’s been shot dozens of times but never put down. Jones will appear in episodes 10, 11 and 12 of “Arrow’s” current third season.

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stephen amell + doing that thing with his face that makes me emotional

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but I don’t want to be safe. I wanna be with you